Troy Magennis: Forecasting Disasters – my top 10

Improve forecasting by failures. Don’t have enough yet? Use mine. This session will quickly explain 10 cases where my forecasts „didn’t turn out as expected”. What I do to avoid those mistakes in the future? Let’s see Forecasting Disasters.

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Troy Magennis is the founder and consultant for Focused Objective LLC. It’s the leading quantitative analysis and forecasting vendor for the software industry. He regularly speaks at industry conferences. Troy promotes the better use of historical data, metrics and quantitative techniques to anyone who listens. Troy has worked at all levels of the technology industry for the last 30 years. Starting from entry-level positions to Vice President for 1,000+ person technology organizations (Sabre Airlines, Travelocity, LastMinute.com, Corbis). Now consults for major companies like Tableau Software, Microsoft, Skype, Walmart, Siemens, LeanKit.

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