Webinar: Mark Shead „Misleading With Metrics”

Super webinar Misleading With Metrics już się odbyło. Możesz je teraz obejrzeć na naszym kanale na YouTube:

Mark Shead: Misleading with Metrics

Imagine you are a saboteur trying to infiltrate a company and wreck their ability to deliver software efficiently. Since you don’t want to be detected, your malevolent efforts are focused on encouraging the use of metrics. You need to do it in ways that will mislead the organization. What would this look like? What type of things would be likely to mislead teams while making everyone feel like they are getting great information?

Obviously, the goal here is not to learn how to sabotage your teams. Please don’t tell people I’m trying to wreck your teams. But taking a different perspective and looking at how some metrics could be used to maliciously mislead can help us identify places where accidentally mislead ourselves.

Mark Shead

Mark Shead has worked as a system administrator, network administrator, IT director, and software engineer in a variety of industries. Currently, he works with startups and on startup-style projects within larger organizations. His focus is on delivering better business results by improving software engineering processes–paying particular attention to the human element. This includes helping teams follow Agile principles, using DevOps to drive the delivery of business value, and engineering process improvements.

His Agile cartoons are some of the most watched Agile videos on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/markshead). He runs a popular Lunch and Learn that provides weekly training on Agile topics. (https://events.xeric.net/). He is also the author of the book Starting Agile. 

Attendees can get a free copy of Mark’s book and get on the invite list for lunch and learns at this link: https://www.xeric.net/#starting-agile

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